And here we are on the 12th May, when the students from Smadar School Herzliya landed in Bucharest to return the visit paid by their friends from the Lauder-Reut Educational Complex in October - November 2016. What a joyful moment and what memories to make!

 Nir Harpaz, one of the accompanying teachers of the guests, has shared some thoughts with us, his and some of the students’ as well.

 Our delegation has been here for a week and experienced a wonderful time. 

 Ariel Rozenkrantz said it has been a magnificent trip, everything was so beautiful and the people are so nice. "I loved Peles palace and Sinaia the most since we don't have those views back in Israel." 

The host families took care of me like their own child. Whatever I needed, wanted and more just waited for me. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity to get to know such wonderful country and great people. 

 Ron Adin said about his time here that it was a unique experience, interesting and refreshing from his daily life in Israel. The families made the most out of his time here, took him places and showed him a lot. His favorite place was Eden Land, climbing, zip lines and shooting arrows made it into a great day. 

 I, as a teacher, have to say that working with such a great team made this delegation into a magnificent journey. I enjoyed working with each and every one in the school and out of it. Tali, Elena, Mioara, Andreea, Liviu, Irina, Marius and Marius, Roy, Anca, Morgan, Simona and the drivers made it a perfect delegation for our students to get to know the other culture, life style and school. 

 Thank you very much for a wonderful time! 

 Friday, May 12th was the day our friends from Israel came to Romania. It was amazing knowing that their plane would be landing in just a few hours. We were all impatient, couldn't wait any longer to see them, after we were separated for 7 months.

 After welcoming them at the airport, we went to Cristian, where we had lots of fun activities. There, we talked and got to know each other even better than half a year before. The next day, we went sightseeing. The kids were absolutely astonished by the views in Brasov, by Romania nonetheless.

 Sunday, we all went where we wanted, in Bucharest. I had the misfortune not to be able to host anybody, but I still went with my friends from Israel, as well as with the ones from Romania. 

Monday we did a bunch of stuff. But we all started the day by presenting our Israeli friends to our classmates. We also showed them our school.

 Tuesday was one of the best days, from my point of view anyway. Even though we walked 9 km, more or less, we went to a cafe and ordered the weirdest food I had ever seen. Just a few hours later, we continued our journey and walked those kilometers until we reached a place in Herastrau, where we sat down and played fun games, organized by our beloved teachers.

The next day, Wednesday, we went to Eden Park, which is an adventure park. Some routes there were harder, and I started a bit late. Nevertheless, my friends waited for me, both the Israeli friend, and the Romanian one. 

 Tuesday isn't a day I really liked. It was the last day I spent with the Israelis. However, we went to absolutely amazing places, such as the Antipa Museum, and the Tiriac Collection. The Tiriac Collection impressed us all, really. Ion Tiriac has an incredible collection of cars, which are all functional! The beauty of the vehicles isn't easy to describe, as well as our faces when we just entered the room! I think we all know what cars we want to drive when we grow up, now.

 We then went to a mall where many of us bought the well-known fidget spinners. Then we went to Starbucks and headed to the school, where we had an ending ceremony. We said our good-byes and went to our homes. Some of us even had a little party at our houses, and had fun until we were very tired, and went to sleep.

 In conclusion, I enjoyed this exchange very, very much. I have made good friends I do not want to lose, and I hope I will see them again next time I go to Israel or when they come to Romania.

Theia Hartenis, 7th grade

 It was a unique experience. I never would have thought it to be so interesting and to learn so many new things about people, places, cultures and friendship. Time went by so fast, it always happens like this when you have fun! If I were given the chance to start this adventure once again, I would definitely say yes!

Dara Nițu, 6th grade