26th - 31st of March, 2014: Lauder-Reut senior high serves again with honor, the Bismun Conference 2014

Mesh BISMUN 2014 23

Undoubtedly, a major strength of the Lauder Reut High-School module of Diplomacy and International Relations (DRI) is its solid practical component. Apart from the classroom courses, the program includes periodic meetings with top-level diplomats, participation in academic conferences on International Politics, diplomatic internships in foreign embassies & the Romanian MFA, study trips to Brussels and in Israel and last, but not least, multiple MUN (Model United Nations) events, in Bucharest-Romania and abroad – this school year in Stuttgart, Germany.Throughout our short, but valuable existence as an educational institution our students have been called many ways: beloved, admired, esteemed. But this time our students were honourable delegates in a prestigious event organized every year by UN Youth Organization Romania.

Since the first MUN simulation, held in 1952 at Harvard University, the phenomenon of “MUN” expanded globally and attracts a growing number of students, especially those interested in political science, international relations, diplomacy, law, economics and cultural studies. For the last four years the Lauder Reut students have been involved in his event which offers them the opportunity to improve their diplomatic skills, social abilities and public speaking talents. It is not an easy procedure and definitely not an easy task to speak up for the country and cause that you has been assigned to you. This is why students are provided with a wide range of extracurricular activities in diplomacy and media.

We, as teachers, could observe and advise them, but in the end the best part of Model of United Nations is that the students’ personality and their knowledge offers them the independence of freely expressing their educated opinion. We could not be more proud of them.

Ella Cămărăscu, one of the best speakers representing Russia shared her opinion about this event: ”BISMUN 2014 was one of the most competitive and entertaining events I have ever attended. I was highly impressed by every aspect starting from the organization to the chosen topics, the press representation and the themes of the social events. I strongly encourage everyone to attend future meetings and to take the decision-making process very seriously”.

Another distinguished delegate, George Rădoi, who represented Australia, expressed his point of view on BISMUN 2014: “Having attended the previous two BISMUN events, I can say this was a rather noticeable change. Everybody I knew managed to meet the expectations required. The debate was the toughest this year, but the Lauder students managed to stick to the top.”

“The BISMUN conference was an outstanding experience for me and for all the other Lauder Reut students who have participated. It was extraordinary because we were able to learn the way in which international UN meetings are organized and the way in which true diplomats should behave. Representing South Korea as an ambassador in the third committee of the General Assembly was amazing”, declared Robert Raicu, student in the 10th grade of the Lauder Reut Complex.

By accompanying teachers Diana Gomboş (BA English-German, MA American Studies), Diana Gherasimiuc (MA History, Anthropology), Laurenţiu Lambrinoc (BS, IT studies)